English 253: Survey of American Literature

Potential research sources for your culture presentations
by Annemarie Hamlin

ENG 253: Survey of American Literature

(Note: if links in this document do not work for you, access the library directly and look for these titles or copy and paste the URL you are interested in.)

Remote Access:  When accessing some links from off campus you be presented with a brief form that asks you to provide your last name and COCC student ID number.


 Barber Library: http://www.cocc.edu/library/


 Online encyclopedias (listed in the history and humanities subject pages): http://www.cocc.edu/library/academicencyclopedias/

The collection off specialized encyclopedias will offer detailed introductions to many different cultural topics. Look in the encyclopedias in the History and Humanities sections, and notice how specialized some of them get. Find a title that might encompass your chosen subject and begin searching. Here are just a few that might relate to the periods we are studying in ENG 253.


Online databases:

Databases are collections of articles from scholarly and popular publications. Academic Search Premier is good for both history and literature, but some others you might consider are listed below.

History: http://www.cocc.edu/library/history/

Humanities: http://www.cocc.edu/library/humanities/


 Print sources:

Reference–find these in the reference collection on the Barber Library main floor.

  • Encyclopedia of the North American colonies   REFE45 .E53 1993
  • Historical statistics of the United States, colonial times to 1970.  REF HA202 .B87 1975

Books–find these on the  Barber Library second floor.


Video and image collections:


Open Internet sources:

Many good sources exist on the open web for researchers in history and literature, but be choosy about what you find. Look for sources from highly reliable organizations (universities,  government, and many museum sources are a good place to start). Try some of these favorites below and please bring your great finds to the class to share.


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