Psych 204 Research Methods, Design and Analysis

Compare and contrast different research methodologies to answer the question:

“What is the value of life”?

Learn how to access different methodologies including surveys, case studies, empirical research, correlational studies, etc.


Psychology Databases:

First, let’s use some search tools that are specifically for research in psychology.

Click on the “Articles & More” icon on the Library website’s home page…


and then scroll down the alphabetical list until you see “Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection” and “PsycINFO.” These are two search tools that are – as their names suggest – specifically for searching academic literature in the psychology fields.   You can access these search tools off-campus by entering your last name and COCC ID#.



Searching more than one Ebsco database at a time:

Note that because both of these are Ebsco databases, you can actually search both at the same time. Look for the “choose databases” link:








Then choose the databases you wish to search within the EBSCO collection of databases:







Limiting to Type of Methodology:

Choose your database “Psych Info”.

Scroll down under Limit Your Results, and look for the pull down menu for Methodology.




Pull down the file, and choose clinical case study, empirical study, field study, etc.

Some Key Search Points for These Databases:

  • Use “ “ around the phrase “value of life”.
  • Use truncation to search various endings.
  • Search for your keywords in the title of articles (use the pull down menu on the right).
  • If your goal is to review past research, do not limit to full text.
  • Many items in PsychInfo may be citation/abstract only–do you have time to use InterLibrary Loan?  (It’s easy and articles can get to you within one to three days!)

Statistics and Polls:

Barber Library has a webpage just for statistics and polls!  


Interlibrary Loan:
It’s easy and articles can get to you within one to three days!



Putting it all together–researching by methodology. 


Get Hold of Cat:




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