Girl Scouts Netiquette Workshop


Girl Scouts Internet Safety Pledge

STEP FOUR:  Creating a Great Social Media Profile

Profile Questions to Consider:

  • Why do you choose to post or display in your profile the information you do?
  • What do you prefer to see on other people’s profiles–and what would you prefer not to see?
  • How is what you share online different from what you share face to face?  Why?
  • What do you think would happen if everyone’s online presence was a truly authentic reflection of themselves?  Would this help social relationships and etiquette?

Setting Up A Social Networking Profile–GCF Learn Free Interactive

Practice Setting Up a Social Networking Profile–U.S. Federal Trade Commission

STEP ONE: Explore “Oops!” and “Wow” Moments in Online Communication

Oops…someone hits “send” or posts something that causes anger, embarrassment or hurt for herself and others.  Spend some time sharing the oops and wows of your own online experiences.  What are some ways you can get better at online communication?

Online Etiquette: How Much Do You Know–Take the Quiz!


Teens, Kindness  and Cruelty on Social Network Sites: Pew Research Center

STEP TWO: Dig Into Some Stories of “Ouch” Moments in Online Communication

Big group discussion: what are some stories about online communication/social media gone wrong?  What could have helped those situations?

What are some ways to help people who have been hurt by poor online behavior?

STEP THREE–E-mail, Commenting, Blogging

We comment…

  • To let people know they have an audience
  • To encourage people to interact
  • To make people think more deeply about an issue

Take a look at a couple of these blogs (or talk to the workshop leader about additional blogs we might look at) and explore the comments.  Find some examples of useful comments and some examples of not-so-great comments.  What do they have in common?  What can you add to your list about useful commenting?



LibDemChild Age 15

Girl Up: United We Change The World (United Nations)

 STEP FIVE–Spread Better Practices

Take a look at your list of tips for “Netiquette Rules to Live By”.  With the rest of the workshop, create a list to be posted here:

 Tell a trusted adult if you sense that someone is being cyberbullied.

Don’t post any personal information.

Don’t post about other people.

Be careful about the pictures that you post–can affect your future!

Don’t spread chain mail.

Don’t share any personal information.

Be kind to others.

Try to keep your friendships and don’t blame your problems on anyone else (esp. online).

Don’t make negative comments.

Be careful about what you say.

Everything you post is forever and can be shared.

Send emoji flowers and commit other acts of kindness.

What are some other things you can do?


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