Study Strategies

Learning Outcome For This Session:
Be able to find, read and summarize an academic, peer-reviewed journal article related to study strategies.

Information Literacy–What Is It?  



Tools For Information Literacy:

The Campus Library Webpage at provides the tools you need to locate books, background information and articles.

Databases For Locating Journal Articles On “Study Strategies”:

The most important tool you need to achieve this session outcome is article databases.

Look for the Articles and More link to access journal article databases.


Journal article databases let you search on your topic to locate academic, scholarly articles.  The library purchases these databases for you to search–this is different from searching on Google or other “free web” search engines!

Here’s a few databases (from our list of over 100!) that might be especially helpful:

Academic Search Premier
Academic One File

Educators Reference Complete
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
Professional Development Collection

Take a look at the Resources by Subject as well–it will list all databases and online encyclopedias for specific subject areas!

Search Techniques For  Journal Article Databases:

  • choose to limit your results to full text
  • explore pull down menus that let you choose to limit your search to article titles
  • start with keyword searching when available
  • use ” ” for phrases:  “study strategies” 
  • use * to locate endings to words (truncation)
  • use boolean commands: study AND strateg* 
  • full text articles may be e-mailed, downloaded or printed from the screen

How to Read Academic Research Articles:

◊ Read the abstract, introduction and discussion/conclusions first.

◊ Based on that first quick read, try to answer these questions:

  •   What is the article about?
  •   What point  are the authors trying to make?

◊ Now, read the entire article.  Underline the three or four most important points.

◊ What question did the researcher seek to answer?

◊ Who participated in the study?

◊ What was the answer to the research question?


Getting Help:

Ask a Librarian

Email a Librarian EMAIL us at

Call a Librarian CALL us at 541-383-7567

Reference Desk Stop by the Information Desk during the Library’s open hours


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